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Dumbarton Oaks Papers

By Trustees for Harvard University

Publisher:   Harvard


Volume 13

Опись А, №40295. См. Византия.

Publication Date:   1959

ISBN-10 / ASIN:   B001VSYV1E

ISBN-13 / EAN:  

Product Description:

Front Matter

* The Byzantine Empire in the World of the Seventh Century (pp. 1-21)* George Ostrogorsky

* Ethnic Changes in the Byzantine Empire in the Seventh Century (pp. 23-44)* Peter Charanis

* Byzantine Cities in the Early Middle Ages (pp. 45-66)* George Ostrogorsky- не хватает!

* The Role of Trade in the Economic Readjustment of Byzantium in the Seventh Century (pp. 67-85)* Robert S. Lopez

* The Grain Supply of the Byzantine Empire, 330-1025 (pp. 87-139)* John L. Teall

* The Armenian Chronicle of the Constable Smpad or of the "Royal Historian" (pp. 141-168)* Sirarpie der Nersessian

* Cornuti: A Teutonic Contingent in the Service of Constantine the Great and Its Decisive Role in the Battle at the Milvian Bridge. With a Discussion of Bronze Statuettes of Constantine the Great (pp. 169-183)* Andrew Alfoldi, Marvin C. Ross

* Fourth Preliminary Report on the Restoration of the Frescoes in the Kariye Camii at Istanbul by the Byzantine Institute, 1957-1958 (pp. 185-212)* Paul A. Issue Underwood

* Notes on the Work of the Byzantine Institute in Istanbul: 1957 (pp. 215-228)* Paul A. Underwood

* The Mother of God, "Stabbed with a Knife" (pp. 229-233)* George P. Galavaris

* The Evidence of Restorations in the Sanctuary Mosaics of the Church of the Dormition at Nicaea (pp. 235-243)* Paul A. Underwood

* The Date of the Narthex Mosaics of the Church of the Dormition at Nicaea (pp. 245-252)* Cyril Mango

* Greek Terms for "Flax," "Linen," and Their Derivatives; And the Problem of Native Egyptian Phonological Influence on the Greek of Egypt (pp. 253-269)* Demetrius J. Georgacas

* Byzantium in the Seventh Century: Report on a Dumbarton Oaks Symposium (pp. 271-273)* Ernst Kitzinger

* Back Matter

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