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Heresy in transition: Transforming ideas of heresy in medieval and early modern Europe. Ashgаte Рublishing, 2005. 205 pages

Опись А, №40520.

Сборник статей об изменении отношения к ереси.

Под редакцией John Christian Laursen, Cary J. Nederman, Ian Hunter .


Contributors vii Series Editor's Preface xi Acknowledgements xii

Introduction Ian Hunter, John Christian Laursen and Cary J. Nederman 1

1 Before the Coming of Popular Heresy: The Rhetoric of Heresy in English Historiography, c. 700-1154

9 Paul Antony Hayward

2 Heresy, Madness and Possession in the High Middle Ages 29

Sabina Flanagan

3 Accusations of Heresy and Error in the Twelfth-Century Schools: The Witness of Gerhoh of Reichersberg and Otto of Freising 43 Constant J. Mews

4 William of Ockham and Conceptions of Heresy, c.1250-c.1350 59

Takashi Shogimen

5 A Heretic Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret History of Marsiglio of Padua's Defensor Pacis in the Thought of Nicole Oresme 71 Cary J. Nederman

6 Seduced by the Theologians: Aeneas Sylvius and the Hussite Heretics 89 Thomas A. Fudge

7 Heresy Hunting and Clerical Reform: William Warham, John Colet, and the Lollards of Kent, 1511-1512 103 Craig D'Alton

8 Curtailing the Office of the Priest: Two Seventeenth2Century Views of the Causes and Functions of Heresy 115 Conal Condrenvi Contents

9 Historicizing Heresy in the Early German Enlightenment: 'Orthodox' and 'Enthusiast' Variants 129 Thomas Ahnert

10 What is Impartiality? Arnold on Spinoza, Mosheim on Servetus 143 John Christian Laursen

11 Thomasius on the Toleration of Heresy 155

Ian Hunter

12 Exporting Heresiology: Translations and Revisions of Pluquet's Dictionnaire des heresies 169 Gisela Schlüter

13 Radical Heretics, Martyrs, or Witnesses of Truth? The Albigenses in Ecclesiastical History and Literature (1550-1850) 181 Sandra Pott

Index of names 195

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