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Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective. Edited by James B. Davies. A study prepared for the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER). Oxford University Press, 2009. 492 pp.

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Contents List of Figures x List of Tables xiii Notes on Contributors xvi Acknowledgements xxi List of Acronyms and Abbreviations xxii 1. An Overview of Personal Wealth James B. Davies 1 Part I The Rich and the Super-Rich 2. Survey Estimates of Wealth Holdings in OECD Countries: Evidence on the Level and Distribution across Selected Countries Markus Ja ?ntti and Eva Sierminska 27 3. Long-Run Changes in the Concentration of Wealth: An Overview of Recent Findings Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine, and Daniel Waldenstro ?m 42 4. Concentration among the Rich Anthony B. Atkinson 64 Part II Wealth Holdings in the Developing World and Transition Countries 5. Changes in the Distribution of Wealth in China, 1995 2002 Shi Li and Renwei Zhao 93 6. The Distribution of Household Wealth in India S. Subramanian and D. Jayaraj 112 7. The Evolution of Personal Wealth in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe Sergei Guriev and Andrei Rachinsky 134

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Household Wealth in Latin America Florencia Torche and Seymour Spilerman 150 Land Reform and Land Holdings in Brazil Juliano Assunc ?a ?o 177 Estimating the Balance Sheet of the Personal Sector in an Emerging Market Country: South Africa, 1975 2005 Janine Aron, John Muellbauer, and Johan Prinsloo 196 Asset Portfolios in Africa: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia Christian Rogg 224 Marketable Wealth in a Poor African Country: Wealth Accumulation by Households in Ghana Ronelle Burger, Frikkie Booysen, Servaas van der Berg, and Michael von Maltitz 248 Part III The Role of Personal Assets in Economic Development and Performance 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Household Financial Assets in the Process of Development Patrick Honohan 271 Housing and Personal Wealth in a Global Context John Muellbauer 293 Housing Privatization and Household Wealth in Transition Ruslan Yemtsov 312 Land Titles, Credit Markets, and Wealth Distributions James C. MacGee 334 Gender and the Distribution of Wealth in Developing Countries Carmen Diana Deere and Cheryl R. Doss 353 The Informal Sector in Developing Countries: Output, Assets, and Employment Sangeeta Pratap and Erwan Quintin

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