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Antisemitism, Christian Ambivalence, and the Holocaust. Ed. Kevin P. Spicer. Indiana University Press, 2007. 329 pp.

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Preface Kevin P. Spicer ix Introduction: Love Thy Neighbor? John T. Pawlikowski and Kevin P. Spicer xiii

I. Theological Antisemitism 1 Belated Heroism: The Danish Lutheran Church and the Jews,

1918–1945 Thorsten Wagner 3 2 Rabbinic Judaism in the Writings of Polish Catholic Theologians,

1918–1939 Anna ©ysiak 26 3 German Catholic Views of Jesus and Judaism, 1918–1945

Robert A. Krieg 50 4 Catholic Theology and the Challenge of Nazism

Donald J. Dietrich 76 II. Christian Clergy and the Extreme Right Wing

5 Working for the Fuhrer: Father Dr. Philipp Haeuser and the Third Reich Kevin P. Spicer 105

6 The Impact of the Spanish Civil War upon Roman Catholic Clergy in Nazi Germany Beth A. Griech-Polelle 121

7 Faith, Murder, Resurrection: The Iron Guard and the Romanian Orthodox Church Paul A. Shapiro 136

III. Postwar Jewish-Christian Encounters 8 The German Protestant Church and Its Judenmission,

1945 – 1950 Matthew D. Hockenos 173 9 Shock, Renewal, Crisis: Catholic Reflections on the Shoah

Elias H. Fullenbach 201 IV. Viewing Each Other

10 Wartime Jewish Orthodoxy's Encounter with Holocaust Christianity Gershon Greenberg 237

11 Confronting Antisemitism: Rabbi Philip Sidney Bernstein and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy Suzanne Brown-Fleming 270

12 Old Wine in New Bottles? Religion and Race in Nazi Antisemitism Richard Steigmann-Gall 285

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